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CSA Farm Share 2019 - Meat share added - Sweetheart share size-SMALLER

CSA Farm Share 2019 - Meat share added - Sweetheart share size-SMALLER

$ 590.00
Chi’s Farm is proud to announce that 2019 CSA shares are now available!


Remember, Wednesday is your pick-up day!

Full season (20 weeks) - June 12 - October 30th (no delivery August7th)

Getting a farm share/meat share is the best way to guarantee having delicious vegetables and meat in your kitchen (and belly) all season long! 

CSA stands for "Community-supported Agriculture", but it could equally mean "Agriculture-supported Community".

In a typical CSA Farmshare, people (like you) join the farm community at the beginning of the season by making an investment in the farm. Over the course of the harvest season, each member gets a share of Chi's Farm's productions on a weekly basis. Additionally, members pick up three installments of meat from Bent Gate Farms throughout the season.

Sweetheart size shares can expect a half pound of Chi's Farm famous salad mix each week, accompanied by 2 to 4 other vegetables you should love, and know how to prepare. Think carrots and broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes for example. Sorry, no kohlrabi or sunchokes.

We want our members to get to know each other, and to know the incredible flavor and possibility of our vegetables and meat, we'll be having weekly pizza parties, and other social gatherings as well.

In our vision, the farm is more than just the places where the vegetables and animals are grown: they the places where people get closer to each other, where children explore the natural world, and where amazing pizza and parties are enjoyed. In short, it's where the magic happens.

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